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25th April 1942

Tried Robin again this afternoon, driving on long reins, and he went very well indeed. He already looks much better.

When I got to the Holly Trees tonight, Poulter told me a most extraordinary story. This afternoon a man called Harrison, who is an official of the Ministry of Labour, called at the Museum demanding to see Hull, who (as usual) was not there. He was very angry and annoyed, and at first declined to tell Poulter what his business was, as it was “private and personal”. However, P. calmed him down and at last got out of him the real trouble – why had Hull accused him of stealing coins from the Museum? It appears that he recently offered some British and Roman coins for sale to Markham, [the local jewellers and pawnbrokers] who brought them to Hull. Hull said they were museum coins, and were in fact in Museum packets inscribed in Hull’s own handwriting, and that they were undoubtedly part of the coins stolen by children some time ago.

Markham promptly accused the vendor of being a thief, much to his fury and he has now called to demand an apology. Poulter said yes, this is all very well, but how do you explain the fact that the coins are in Museum packets?

“Because” says Mr Harrison, “I bought them to the Museum some while ago for the Curator to identify, which he did, putting them in packets and writing the details on each!”

Poulter advised Hull, as soon as he could find him, to make an unconditional apology. H. screamed and raved a good deal, but finally did so. He is very lucky not to be involved in a legal action!

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