10th April 1942

Great photographic “find” – the German Legion in 1856 – is now in my hands, and I am making a copy at once. As a matter of fact the photo is a copy itself, done between 1890 and 1900 I should think, judging by the type of print, when the original was almost 50 years old.

The view is taken from a high bank in Port Lane, and looks right across to the Garrison Church. There is a large 18th century brick house on the site of the Recreation Hotel. So far as I know there are only three Colchester photos of an earlier date than this, as it must have been taken in the summer of 1856.

The photograph of the German Legion camping on Barrack Field in Colchester in 1856 forms part of E.J. Rudsdale's collection of historic photographs, now held by Colchester & Ipswich Museums.

When I went home this evening I was surprised to find Uncle Frank Webb still there. He is staying at the “Cups” for a few days. I cannot understand how he can afford to. He told me of the great damage done by the local authorities in London boroughs in taking iron railings. They refused to exclude a pair of 18th century gates which he had at Purley, so he unhung them and hid them away in safety.

Went over to Boxted tonight, to see the Roses. Lovely night. Rather windy. Many searchlights about, testing, making a lovely sight.


Anonymous said...

I like the description of the 18th century gates being unhung and 'hidden away'. Presumably they were recovered after the war was finished?!!

E J Rudsdale said...

Yes - I believe the gates were recovered again at the end of the war! E.J. Rudsdale's family seem to have been an enterprising lot! CP