EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

6th March 1944

Very sharp frost last night, but not too cold this morning.  Paid my account at the “Sun” - £2-12-6. for the week, not unreasonable.  To Colchester by 9.15.  Busy morning getting ready for the Committee meeting.  Got a letter from the Conway Hotel to say they have a room.  Worked it out, and found I should have to spend about £6 a week to be comfortable there - £24 a month.  Well worth it.  Long to go.  The question – when?

Committee until 6.15.  The Chairman very indignant about young M.’s “black market” case.  He is convinced that young M. is an out-and-out rogue, and had been discussing the whole matter at great length with Stewart Richardson, the chairman of the Witham Bench, who tried the case.  It all seemed very irregular to me. I thought that once a case was tried it was finished, and I should not have expected a Chairman of a Bench to go out of his way to injure still further a man who had been found guilty.

Back to Colchester 6.30.  In Crouch St saw a black woman in the American air-force uniform, walking along with a black soldier.  Had egg on toast and a cup of coffee at the Milk Bar in John Street, and then cycled to Stratford.  The Talbooth seems comfortable and clean, but terribly old-world, everything fake of course.  Several Americans staying there with young girls.

Went to bed early in a curious little room with a miniature four-poster bed.  Bright moonlight night, and many planes flying in formation, went out at about 8 o’clock. 

Feel terribly out of place here.  Wish I could go to Wales tomorrow.

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