20th March 1944

Overcast and cold.  Wind N.W.  Had excellent breakfast, porridge, egg etc and got to office by 9.  Wonderful!  Busy preparing for Committee meeting.  Birch all afternoon, but nothing very special done.  Joanna there for tea.  Seemed rather depressed.  Got back at 6.30 with Craig.  Talked about the new “Reconstruction Committee” of the Corporation, as distinct from Town Planning.  Largely nonsense. 

Rain began at tea time, a light, steady drizzle, and the Committee stood looking out across the wet leads into the Park, saying “Ah, not before time, neither”, “We want it bad”, etc.  The drought is very serious indeed, and I don’t think this rain is the end of it.  The glass remains high. 

Went to collect cycle at the Town Hall, and found I had a puncture.  Nuisance.  Heavy clouds tonight, and felt rather better myself.  Had an excellent supper, and went to bed early, still thinking wild, idiotic and absurd thoughts.  What can I do?

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