12th March 1944

Up at 9.30 to find it raining at last.  Had a light breakfast, and cycled to Dedham, with the sound of church bells coming through the rain.  The hedges and grass looked very green.  How badly rain is wanted, but this did not last very long.

Had a couple of hours at Shermans among my books, then light lunch at the Corner Café.  More work on journals and photos in the afternoon and evening.  Had tea, and later supper.  Did not go back to the Talbooth until half past ten, having spent a most enjoyable day.  Mrs. Sisson spoke about my health, and advised me to have all my teeth out at once.  Much talk about my going away, but I did not reveal the plans which are always in my mind.  Wales!

Next week will be very dark, and I am afraid that raids will begin again.  Can’t stand very much more.

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