14th March 1944

Brilliant day.  Rain clouds all gone.  The drought is very serious, hardly more than a trickle of water in the Stour at Stratford Bridge.  Hundreds of planes going out all morning.  Had a job to find any breakfast, and finally got nothing but a little porridge.

Busy day, and this evening went to Dedham to give Sisson a copy of “Illustrated” which contains an article describing how British troops are billeted among ancient monuments in Italy.  Photographs show soldiers in an amphitheatre, their equipment hung upon classical statues and funeral monuments, telephone wires draped onto heads and arms of some figures.  The article was written to show that this is considered to be very clever and funny.  Sisson is going to show this to the R.I.B.A. in London tomorrow.

Heard a story about two Land Girls, today, both working for the Committee.  They went into partnership with a taxi-driver, running a brothel.  One girl stayed in the man’s flat while the other went out with him in the taxi, as “bait”, cruising round until they picked up Americans.

To Talbooth at 9, and had more trouble with the dogs.  Shall be thankful to get away from here, but I have no idea where I can go next.  Wild thoughts keep running through my head about going away to Salop and then to Wales.

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