EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

29th December 1942

Up at 7.   A lovely fine morning, the moon riding high in the sky.  Cycled in early and went down to Bourne Mill to feed Bob.  

New girl began at the office today.  Heather was very late, and did not come in at all yesterday.  I was most annoyed.  Daphne went out this morning to see her boy off to join the RAF. 

All the shops are still shut, except grocers, chemists, etc.  A sort of reluctant holiday air about the town.

No sign of Nott all day, although he was wanted by a good many people.

Came out late tonight, sailing along before a strong S.W. wind.

Received a letter today from the Air Ministry about a plane-crash at Mersea last November 26th, when damage was done to crops at Cross Lane.  Apparently a Mosquito aircraft fell there, killing the crew, but I heard nothing of it at the time.

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