12th December 1942

Low racing clouds, with the sun behind them, then a fine brilliant day.  Not at all cold.  This afternoon I decided to go to the Repertory Co., as I had not been for a good many months.  A play called “Other People’s Houses.”  Quite well done.  

Fed Bob, and then went home to tea.  This evening decided to make a call at Seymour’s, as I had not been there for quite 9 months.  They were most kind, and were very pleased to see me.  We had a talk about the state of farming, etc.  It was interesting to find that Seymour does not consider a stable agriculture in any way necessary to the country.  He thinks it is quite a reasonable idea to build it up as a war-time measure, and then throw it down again.  This man is a Cambridge graduate and a schoolmaster in a country town for 25 years.

Fantastic sight in the town early this evening – two girls in ATS uniform, dressed as military police, red-caps, leather belts, gloves, all complete, patrolling slowly through the crowded streets, amidst jeering from the soldiers.

To the Castle at 9.  Had supper at Culver Street café.  Fine night, but few planes about except in the early evening, going out.  At 10 o’clock, the eastern sky a blaze of searchlights, exercising.

My cousin Maitland was married at Reading today. 

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