27th December 1942

Helped feed stock, and this afternoon writing letters etc.  Frank Girling came to tea on his cycle, and stayed for the Christmas dinner tonight.  The other guests were Mrs. Belfield and Penelope.  It was a lovely supper of turkey, plum pudding and cream, and white wine (Sauternes).  Joy is a wonderful cook.

A great deal of talk about the Beveridge Report.  Mrs. Belfield was most disapproving.  She is a real ‘die-hard’ of the old school, but in Dedham there are even more curious views.  It appears that the Revd. Canon Given-Wilson, and several prominent parishioners, disapproved very strongly of the Red Cross Fund, on the grounds that it is a ‘totalitarian’ movement.  Given-Wilson told Mrs. Belfield so himself.  I have heard that there is a good deal said about the way money is handled in Dedham when collected for various public funds.

Walked home with Mrs. Belfield and Penelope in the moonlight, about 11 o’clock.

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