EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

13th December 1942

The fireguards went before 7.  I went outside soon after, and found it as black as hell.  Bren-gun carriers were rattling up High Street.  Went over to the office from 8-9.30, then to post.  Dull day, scarcely light even then.

On the way home, saw soldiers with band, marching to the Garrison Church.  Behind came a platoon of ATS, with a solemn looking little sergeant, squeaking out her orders in a very military manner.

Had breakfast, then carting hay and straw with Hampshire’s pony.  Sky became clearer.

Lunch at home, then cycled away up to Mile End Road, to pay one of the Land Girls.  Got to Lawford by half past 3, and went up to see Robin.  Wished I had been there earlier, to take him out.

After tea, went over to Dedham to see the Sissons.  There was gunfire at about 9 o’clock, and a plane went over a little to the E., very low, going north.  We looked out, and could see the shells were nowhere near it.  Mrs. Sisson said she was very nervous of shells, since hearing that one of the Colchester guns, firing on October 19th, had sent a shell into Bures, where it struck a slaughterhouse, killing two men and a cow.  This is the first I knew of it, but Sisson says he was told about it when in Bures recently.

Back to Sherbourne Mill at 10.15, and glad to find all safe and well.  The plane had passed directly over the house, and shells were bursting all round.  Joy heard several pieces whistling to earth.

Hot milk, writing for an hour, and then bed.

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