9th November 1942

Woke at 5, and lay reading until 7, listening to stirring noises of lorries starting up, men whistling in the High Street etc.  Fine morning, but foggy, which got much thicker by 9 o’clock, very cold and raw.  Began to clear at 11, and buildings gradually emerged, while the sun sat up in the sky, a great crimson disc.

To Birch for War Agricultural Committee meeting.  Nothing very special, and all over by 5.30.  Lovely autumn evening.  The scene from the dining room windows was all in pastels – distant woods grey, the lake slate blue, and the trees russet, ochre and green.  The sun sank into a fog bank.

Back to Colchester with Mr. Percival, talking about Women's Land Army. labour.  Decided to take 6.15 bus to Lawford.  Very full, uncomfortable journey.  Walked down from the blacksmiths.  Smell of frost in the air.  Felt tired.  Bed early, and very little writing.

Mayor making today, Alderman Sanders elected for the 4th year.

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