EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

10th November 1942

Up at 7.  Lovely pale blue sky, and a glorious dawn.  Went up to the buildings to see my hay which has now come.  Robin looked very well.  Luckin, the horseman, was just getting the plough team out.  Parrington has a lot of stubbles not yet ploughed.

Caught the 9.30 bus.  Fog coming up thick, and the newly risen sun vanished into a ruddy gold haze.  Very thick fog at Colchester, which did not clear until 11, when the sun shone brilliant.  Not at all the sort of weather for enemy raiders.
Down to Bourne Mill this morning.  One of the old swans and the three cygnets were on the pond.  Suddenly the whole brood spread their wings and thrashed noisily across the water, taking off towards the west.  As they rose one of the young birds realised that he could not clear the trees on the far side, swerved, lost height, and crashed into thick rushes, from which he fought his way back onto the water.  The other three came swooping back, their wings making a tremendous noise, flying in V-formation.  They disappeared down the valley, no doubt going to Wivenhoe Park lake, leaving the unlucky cygnet behind, squawking and crying.  It made no attempt to fly by itself.

The pond is now in a dreadful state, perfectly filthy with weeds and rubbish.

Very busy all day.  Out at 5.30, and cycled to Lawford.  A mist rising, and the stars coming out.  Busy all the evening on notes and journals.

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