EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

6th September 1942

Drove off this afternoon through Dedham and Langham to Boxted.  Called at the Roses’ and had tea, tying Robin onto an apple tree.  Lady Minter was there from Rivers Hall.  It seems that they have no servants there at all, so that guests have to do most of the work.  She said that she hoped I would tell her of any good housemaids if I happened to find one, and that she was going to try a “house boy” instead.  I told her Joanna’s story about one of J’s relations, living in a lonely house in Scotland, far away up the mountains.  This lady recently engaged two boys, one 16 and one 15 to do house work.  One morning the elder came to her and advised her not to go downstairs, as he had murdered the other.  He had, too, with an axe.  Quite a predicament for an old lady to be in, far from any help.

Went on to Little Horkesley after tea, and called on Harry Bullock about his application for pig feed.  Met Mr. Page on the way who admired Robin very much.

Back to Colchester by 8 o’clock, and went on duty.

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