EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

24th September 1942

Had to go to the Police Court today to give evidence in a case where old Sam King of Glebe Farm, Abberton, had summoned Mrs Furneaux’s man for poaching.  I had to give formal evidence that King had no rights on the land at all.

It was really rather amusing, the idiotic solemnity of the whole business, the waste of time, etc.  S.L. Bensusan and Major Waller were on the bench.  Poor old King still cannot understand that he has no rights over what was formerly his own farm.  The Clerk of the Court adopted a bullying, hectoring tone to King and the man accused, and a sickening smarming attitude to the magistrates.

Full moon tonight, but no Germans over.  It is very lonely in the farmhouse all by myself.  I am glad to have Pepper in the room, although he snores rather loudly.

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