EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

29th September 1942

Tuesday (Michaelmas)
Found that both Charlie Brooks and Bob Cooper are safe, and all their families.  Brooks’ forge is very badly shaken, but he has six men on repairs today.  

One bomb brought down 4 houses on the S. side of South Street, shattered the “New Inn” and a dozen houses opposite; the next demolished 3 or 4 houses in Chapel Street, the third passed almost horizontally through the first house on the S. side of Wellington Street, struck the roadway, leaving a perfect impression on the tar of its shape and tail-fins, bounced over a fence by Brooks’ back yard, and burst in the gardens between Essex St. and Wellington St., demolishing 3 houses on the N. side of the latter and 6 in Essex St.  Cooper’s house is shattered, but still stands.  Half a dozen houses on the N. side of Essex Street have the fronts blown out, and cascades of furniture and bedding are tumbling into the front gardens.

Cycled back to Lawford at 6.30, rain still continuing.

The aftermath of the air raid on Colchester that had taken place the previous day is described in more detail in E.J. Rudsdale's book.

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