EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

19th September 1942

Very busy all morning.  Stuart Rose phoned to say that our trip to Higham was postponed as Boxted had an “invasion” exercise, and both he and Dodo [his wife] had to be on duty.

Home to lunch [with EJR's parents].  I never go in the old house now without an anxious glance at the sideboard to see if there is a letter waiting for me, and if there is I never fail to have a sinking feeling in my bowels until I see if it is marked “OHMS, Ministry of Labour”.  It is now nearly a year since I had the notice for a medical examination.

This p.m. shopping and then shifting corn chaff from Young’s yard.  There must be nearly half a ton.

Drove out at 6.30, a lovely cool evening, groups of people talking at their cottage doors in Ardleigh, men digging in their gardens.  Heavy black clouds came up from west.  Mrs. Belfield and lovely Penelope at the Mill when I got there.  Soon after dark heard RAF planes going out.  The papers are nowadays filled with nauseating pictures of damage inflicted on German towns, particularly showing ruined houses.

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