9th July 1942

Drove in early this morning, beautiful weather, cool, with large wet looking clouds, and intermittent sun.  Noticed an emergency water tank in Harwich Road completely surrounded by tall, scarlet poppies, reflected in the still water as in some exotic pool.

In Dead Lane, had to edge carefully past two plough teams on their way to work, the ploughs rumbling along on the little road-wheels, one horse in the chains and the other led behind by the ploughman.  They were all Suffolks, very nice looking.

Enormous convoy of Canadians left the town as I arrived, going out towards Clacton.

Looked out of the office window this morning and saw three soldiers sitting on the edge of the pavement opposite with their feet in the gutter, eating buns and reading newspapers.  They were English too.

This evening went to supper at the Roses’ at Boxted.  Lovely fine evening, and much to my surprise an air raid alarm about 7 o’clock.  Have not heard one for some time.  Nothing came over.

Had a very pleasant evening, and left at 10 o’clock for Lawford.  Everybody gone to bed when I arrived.

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