4th July 1942

Bought a nice little edition of Froissart today for 3/-.  Read some of it on duty tonight.


Anonymous said...


The cost of the book today would have been £4.95 - not a bad cost comparisons with buying a paperback today (remembering Penguin - the first proper paperback editions of books had only started in 1936.)
I imagine this was a similar purchase by Rudsdale as being the only option buying such books (something George Orwell writes about in one of essays.)

Mike Dennis

E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks for this Mike - it's great when you put this purchase into context for us today! Rudsdale loved buying antiquarian books and built up a small collection of his own so no doubt this was a nice addition to his library!

If anyone has any information on what became of Rudsdale's books, please let me know. They seem to have been distributed amongst friends after his death and I have located a few of them but would be pleased to know more. Thanks CP