25th July 1942

When I went on duty tonight “dancing” was in full swing on the Holly Trees lawn.  The “band” consisted of a piano and a drum played by two dance-band gigolos in khaki.  The lawn was crowded with a swaying mass of girls and men moving slowly to the jigging, senseless tunes, blared out by a microphone fixed to Holly Trees house.

From the Castle roof it was an entertaining scene.  I could see Agnes L_, the former waitress, dancing with her sister, the blonde beauty from the fire brigade with a soldier, a tall, stately blonde with a Canadian black man and a very beautiful ATS girl with a soldier, being “aggressively condescending”.  It was odd how many pretty girls danced together instead of with men.  Many girls not more than 13 or 14 years old were dancing with soldiers.  All the tunes were sad and dreary, as dance tunes generally are in these days.

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