25th January 1941

Laver’s funeral fixed next Wednesday. Great point of discussion everywhere – who will get Laver’s stuff? Very busy all day. Both Rickword and Robinson came in during the morning, both obviously wondering if there was any chance of getting a job in the [Essex Archaeological] Society’s Library [at Holly Trees Museum where Dr Laver had been in charge of the Library]. I certainly think that a permanent Librarian should now be appointed – Robinson, after 40 years at the Public Library, has considerable technical and local knowledge, Rickword has local and historical interests also of great value.
Gerald Rickword, a historian and librarian, was EJR's cousin by marriage.

Hull takes no further interest in the matter. He will not even bother to see the Chairman as to closing the Museums or deciding whether the Committee should attend [the funeral] in a body.

Poor old Laver. ... Like all of us, in these last few years he became more and more dispirited.

“El medico, el medico carissimo”, as Poulter would often call him.

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