10th January 1941

Today transferring stationery stocks into Castle Office, and clearing stuff out of Holly Trees Library [in preparation for EJR's new job with the Essex War Agricultural Committee]. The place begins to look in a little better order.

Beautiful weather, fine and sunny, although very cold. Three or four inches of ice on Bourne Pond. Tonight clear and moonlight, but heavy clouds rolled over from the east later. Only one plane came over during the evening, and yet last night there were dozens.

Went down to Rose’s tonight. She told me about two men in the Army Dental Corps, who had been in the cafĂ© tonight. Last Sunday, having no duties in the morning, they both retired to bed, and had hardly been there a few minutes when a corporal came in and immediately had them before the orderly room, where they were actually placed under arrest for an entirely non-existent offence! After much perusal of King’s Regulations they appealed against this infamous decision, and after some argument were released. This little incident is typical of the thousands which go on in the army every day. The interpretation of King’s Regulations is the very breath of the army.

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