14th January 1941

Went down to Wivenhoe [War Agricultural Committee Office] with Capt. Folkard, and removed all material relating to Lexden and Winstree. It is in an incredible mess, but I believe I can get it straight. I intend to introduce the same filing system as I have in the Museum.

Getting settled in this afternoon, and wrote my first letter. Much better in Holly Trees than in the ghastly office they have at Wivenhoe, a disused bungalow, icy cold, looking out onto a derelict garden, miserable and saddening.

I believe we are going to have a good time here, although for some reason I felt a little depressed today. Went to Rose’s tonight, and then doing Museum routine matters in the Watch Room. I noticed today that the Holly Trees now shuts from 12.30–1.30, while Harding gets his dinner. Poulter won't even do one hour floor duty. As a point of interest, the Colchester Vase has been throwing around on the floor of the Holly Trees Office ever since last Thursday, when Hull had its packing case sent over there in order to get it out for drawing. Needless to say, the box, although labelled “Colchester Vase Group”, contained a T.S. plate from Group 30 as well! It is to be wondered whether the Germans or Hull and Mrs Hull will eventually do the most damage to our collections.

Foggy tonight, lovely moon above.

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