9th December 1940

Another alarm this morning at 12.30am lasting until 5am. Heavy rain most of the time. Old Taylor is away ill, so I had to stay awake the whole time. Was wakened again at 6.30 by explosions fairly close, but by the time I had got out there was nothing to be seen. After breakfast I heard that a plane had dropped a string of bombs near the Bergholt Road, some in a field opposite the Golf Course killing one of Young’s horses and slightly injuring two more. Immediately before this the same plane had let go a mass of incendiary bombs over the west end of the town, falling in Inglio Road, Beverley Road and Lexden Road.

There is no damage to be seen except a few charred patches on the roads and pavements. There was a small fire in the outbuildings of St Mary’s Terrace, but firemen from the station close by soon had this out. Most of the incendiaries were quite harmless. Some I saw seemed to be full of carbide.

Went home to tea. Mother had heard nothing of all this, and was disposed to be quite interested in it now that it is all over. She does not seem to be very well today.

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