14th December 1940

Terrible weather. Rain began last night, and kept on all day, getting steadily worse. Managed to get a little hay up this afternoon. The costumes were sent over by the Nayland carrier, and I went round by the “Bull” yard to pick them up.

This evening determined to go over to Dedham, in spite of heavy rain, as I had previously arranged to do so. Alarm at 6, just before I left. Planes very low in the clouds, sounding very terrifying. No amount of bad weather seems to keep them away.

Sisson seemed rather unusually nervous tonight. Mrs. S. was playing with her puppets. Spent a most pleasant evening, and back at 11, the rain having stopped. The full moon came peeping through the clouds, and there was not a sound of a plane anywhere. Came back whistling and singing, so as to avoid being fired at by any sentries who might happen to be about.

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