21st December 1940

Wrote to Meg McDougall [Acting Curator at Inverness Museum], and sent off a few Christmas cards.

Bunston’s old delivery cart is out as usual, with Wick’s horse, although supplies of wines and spirits are very short indeed. The Post Office are not using any horse-drawn vans [for Christmas] this year.


Anonymous said...

Bunston,s referred to was probably David Burston,s wine shop,located onthe South side of High St,about three shops West of St Nicholas passage, and the Wicks referred to as the owner of the pony, could very well be Wicks wine shop almost opposite to Burston,s, and about three shops West of The George

E J Rudsdale said...

Many thanks for this helpful information - this gives me a very useful insight into Colchester's High Street shops at the time. I am sure you are correct about David Burston's wine shop - I must have mis-typed this as Bunston's from EJR's manuscript. CP