8th December 1940

No alarms until 5 o’clock this evening. Lay in bed rather late, and had breakfast before I went home to bath and change. Then went down to Bourne Mill, saw wood, repaired fences. Old Bob is standing the winter very well, and the donkey is as fat as butter on practically nothing. Of course, the weather has so far been comparatively mild. We shall see if we have a hard time like last year after Christmas.

Went down to Rose’s to tea, but had to leave at 5 when there was an alarm. A few planes passed over. The all-clear came at half past 9, and as it was fairly early I went up to Seymour’s for a time, and had a very pleasant evening, quite like the old days. Several people there, including old Pepper [one of EJR's teachers at Colchester Royal Grammar School], who never changes.

Back to Castle at 11. Fine night. Some planes came over towards the W. soon after 11, and there were some distant explosions, but no alarm was sounded.

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