25th November 1940

Went over to Lt. Horkesley this morning, and recovered the shroud brass, and the inscription (all there was) of the other Swynborne tomb. Brought them away strapped onto my cycle carrier. Went down to the “White Hart” Nayland, about the missing head, but the landlord swears he never heard of it, and has no remembrance of two men discussing the matter. Then went to Horkesley police station, and the school, and offered 10/- reward to anybody who might find the head. Back at Colchester, I telephoned the County Council Highways DepĂ´t, to make sure that their Horkesley roadmen should keep a sharp look out, as it might be in a ditch.

No alarms today, nor any up to 11 o’clock tonight.

The missing head from the effigy of the Little Horkesley Knight was eventually found and reunited with the figure. All three effigies, which were restored by the Colchester Museum staff can now be seen in the rebuilt church at Little Horkesley.

For the background to the destruction of Little Horkesley Church and its artefacts see EJR's earlier diary entries from 22nd September 1940.


Jane said...

I believe the head of the Knight was found by archaeologist Mr. James Fawn?

E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks for this information, Jane - much appreciated, CP