EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

22nd November 1940

Father seemed rather unwell yesterday so I telephoned Dr. Rowland this morning. He came along before tea, and soon cheered the old man up a good deal.

Hull away all day. No alarm tonight, although the sky was clear and starry. It is quite impossible to estimate from weather conditions if they will come or not.

Heard today that there were four people dead at Bures on the 6th November, and that one was an old lady of 90, who had been evacuated out of Colchester for safety. She was grandmother of the young man who worked in Blomfield’s shop, and who has suffered severely as a conscientious objector.

Dr Penry Rowland was the Rudsdales' GP. He was also father-in-law to Hervey Benham. Eric’s father had had to retire early from school teaching due to ill health and the family were always conscious of his state of health in case of a relapse.

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