1st November 1940

O’Neill came down from the Office of Works today, to see the damage which has been done at Bluebell Grove, where the military authorities have scarped the east side of the rampart ditch in order to incorporate it in a “tank trap”. Their own trench, towards the S., bears slightly to the W., and cuts right through the ancient ditch, a clear but oblique section of which can be seen in the new cutting. O’Neill was rather upset about the whole thing, but I don't think the damage is very serious. It can easily be remedied. Had tea with O’Neill in Head Street.

Benton came in today about the palimpsest from Lt. Horkesley.
Nothing yet found in the Shelters in front of the Hospital.
Alarms from 2.15 to 5 past 3, and 6.30 to 9.45pm, but nothing happened. Only a few distant planes.


Anonymous said...

Archaeological excavations at the north end of Bluebottle Grove in 1987 were undertaken to determine the original profile of the ditch and the extent of the associated bank of this part of Lexden Dyke. The excavation was intended to inform proposed earthwork repairs to the scheduled monument. The excavations revealed the tank trap dug along the inner lip of the dyke ditch. The digging of the tank trap had resulted in the destruction of the junction between the dyke's bank and ditch.

E J Rudsdale said...

Many thanks for this information on these excavations - much appreciated. Clearly O'Neill was right to be concerned about the damage to the historic earthworks caused by the tank trap. CP