23rd November 1940

Cycled over to Dedham this evening. Called at “Springate”, Ardleigh, on the way to see Molly Blomfield. The Claytons asked me to have tea with them which I did. We were talking about the Horkesley affair, and I mentioned that one of the Knight’s heads was missing, whereupon Clayton recounted how he had heard that two men went into the “White Hart” at Nayland some few days after the disaster, and in the course of conversation said that they had found a wooden head near Lt. Horkesley Church. This is most interesting. Must go to Nayland.

To the Sissons, had a lovely supper, and much pleasant conversation. Some bombs fell at Dedham on Thursday, near Brook Farm, but did no damage except to break some windows.

Being asked, I was tempted to stay the night, which I did, in great comfort.

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