EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

7th July 1940

Got up early this morning, caught Bob, and went round to [Stanley] Hill’s to borrow back my van, then round to Wood’s in Magdalen Street to collect his foal. We had quite a job to get the foal into the cart, but did it with a struggle. It is only a tiny thing, but it thrashed about and struggled in a most extraordinary manner. The mare walked comfortably behind, while Woods sat on the back of the van. Sometimes I feared the foal would hurt himself, and we debated as to whether to unload and let him run loose or not, but finally we got to Abberton safely, to Mabbitt’s place, and unloaded him there. It was a fine sight to see him running on the grass, and to see the amazement in his expression of seeing the outside world. He was born in a shed in Gaskin’s Yard, and it must have been wonderful to him.

Lunch and tea at Rose’s, and then to Seymour’s as usual.

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