EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

10th July 1940: ARP for Horses

It has been obvious for some time that we are in danger of having daylight raids in this area, in which case some provision must be made for horses. The obvious scheme would be to list all stables, on the assumption that as almost every horse is working during the day, his stable would be available for any horse passing nearby during a raid. In those parts of the town where no horses are kept, disused stables and empty garages could be used. This matter is serious, not only on account of public safety but on account of the horses themselves, and their drivers.

Obviously most drivers would remain with their horses during an alarm, but they would feel much freer to look after themselves if the horses could be kept tied up under cover.

I had already approached Councillor Pye, Chairman of the ARP Committee, but obtained no sympathy from him, and was recommended to see Mr. Murphy, [the local vet] who is in sole charge of the National Air Raid Precaution for Animals. When I called [tonight] he cheerfully admitted that although he had been in communication with the Borough Police about horse standings ever since last April, nothing had been done of the slightest use. He had made out a provisional list of 12 “standings” in the town, and when I pointed out this was quite inadequate for 300 horses, he merely smiled and said he did not thing such a number existed in the town.

We finally parted with assurances that we would meet further on this matter. At any rate, I got two notices from him, and shall open Port Lane and Bourne Mill Stables at once.

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