14th July 1940: Eric Rudsdale and Winston Churchill's Speech

Went out to Abberton this morning with Woods as his mare and foal had got out. It seems that the grass in Mabbitt’s pasture is sour, and she wanders seeking something better. Woods found both of them on Archer’s Ground towards Layer Road, and drove them back successfully. This evening went to see Councillor Ham about horses ARP, and he promised to put the whole matter before the Mayor.

The Prime Minister spoke on the radio today, another of his gloomy speeches, promising nothing but death and destruction to us all for years to come until the final victory which will give us FREEDOM and so on …

Went to Rose for lunch and tea.

The text of Winston Churchill's speech, given on 14th July 1940 and entitled 'War of the Unknown Warriors' can be viewed here.

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