28th July 1940

A beautiful fine morning. Took the trap to Benham’s, looking very shabby, and unpolished, but can't be helped. Collected Maura and went off behind Lexden park, through a “mock-war”, during which we got stopped by guards and had moments of awkwardness as Maura had forgotten to bring her identity card. However, her natural charm got us past all obstacles. We went out to Rock Farm, Berechurch, and had lunch in the same field where we went before. The sun shone, sheep were grazing by the Roman River, and there was not a ‘plane in the sky. It was delightful.

From there we went on through Rock Farm, where the Cavalry are quartered, and up the hill to Abberton to see Wood’s mare and foal, which seem to be doing well, although I think the mare is not getting enough milk, the grass is rather sour I fear.

When we came back to Colchester the “mock-war” was over, so we had no further trouble.

Had tea with Rose. Grubb came in. Have not seen her for weeks. Poor old Grubb. What a life. She had just been for her weekly visit to the old lady in Severalls [Asylum]. What an end.

Went up to Seymour’s in evening. Much gloomy talk about the army. Jeffrey Saunders seemed to think he would very soon be in, and he registered a week before I did.

Eilean Grubb ran a horse riding stables where Rudsdale had learnt to ride.

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