EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

19th August 1942

Came in by train this morning, getting up rather late after my walk last night.  

Rose told me she had had another enquiry from the Ministry of Labour about her work.  I warned her to be very careful what she said, but she is so strong-willed it is impossible to tell her anything.  Coming away from the café I saw some American soldiers in Head Street, standing by a lorry.

Nott says the harvest is going well.  Beautiful weather today, although dull in the early morning. 

From my office window this afternoon I saw Corporation workmen demolishing the iron railings round All Saints Churchyard, breaking them up with sledge-hammers.
Capt. Folkard had a story today which is going round the Teys and the Colnes, that a German plane landed on the new aerodrome at Earls Colne, two men got out, inspected the place, and flew away again.  If there is any truth in the story at all, it was probably an American machine.

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