15th August 1942

Great “combined exercise” in Colchester this weekend.  All shops had to close at 1p.m. and the public were asked to keep off the streets.  I had arranged to take Bob to Dedham, and as Shelter Wardens were not required in this affair I thought I would go as quickly as possible, and got out of the town just after 1.  Bob did not come behind the trap very willingly, and it took me two hours to get to Dedham.  When I arrived, and met Sisson, I found that the only stable available was a rather decrepit shed belonging to Mr. Griffiths, the antique dealer, who I had just met this morning at the Museum.  He brought in a most interesting watercolour of Colchester from Dilbridge Farm, which I at once recognised as the work of Col. Cockburn in 1815.  We already have his very charming notebook, and I have never before seen a large drawing by him.  Griffiths wants £3 for it, and if the Museum will not buy it I will.

Put up Robin at the “Marlborough” and had tea at Sisson's, driving over the Lawford about 8 o’clock.  Sisson was very despondent about the destruction of Mainz Cathedral.  He feels these things dreadfully.

Beautiful evening.

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