EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

16th August 1942

Woke up at times during the night by torrential rain.  Got up at 9 in a grey streaming world.  Very bad for the corn.  Wondered how they got on at Colchester last night.
Breakfast, then feeding the animals and went down to Dedham to see Bob.  The children came over and rode him.  He looked well, although he had not eaten all his hay.

This afternoon I had intended to write a long delayed letter to Meg McDougall but alas I sat reading, and then dozed off, only waking at 4 o’clock.
Started back to Colchester at 6.  Went round by Dedham, and took Bob some rather better hay, for which he was very grateful.  Got to Colchester at 7.15.  Finished business letter, and then on duty at the Castle, the Oven being more than usually damp and miserable.

New moon tonight, and the old watchman at Holly Trees says a fine spell ahead.

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