5th May 1942

In the “Evening News” tonight, a denial is published from the Chief Constable of Ipswich that there is any intention to evacuate the town, but whether for risk of raids or invasion I cannot imagine.  However, there seems to be no invasion “flap” on at the moment among the garrison, most of whom are on manoeuvres.

Tonight I took a decisive step, and wrote to Hull asking to be relieved of Castle duties.  Had a note from the Chief Constable today to say that “specials” on shelter duty are to meet next Monday to receive new orders.  (Not that I have ever received any orders, so far as that goes).  Can't be there, as I shall be at Birch that evening [for the War Agricultural Committee meeting].

The town was full of Military Police tonight, as soldiers are coming back from “schemes”.  It seems very quiet these days, except on Saturdays, as there is little traffic.

For some reason I feel nervous and excited tonight.

In his letter to M.R. Hull, Rudsdale stated that his poor state of health and his increased workload for the War Agricultural Committee meant that he now needed proper rest and could no longer undertake air raid shelter and firewatching duties at Colchester Castle every night of the week, as he had done since October 1940.  Rudsdale suggested that he might continue his duties at the Castle on Saturday nights only and this was agreed.

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