1st May 1942

White frost early this morning, but a bright sunny day, and much warmer. Looked like rain clouds gathering in the afternoon, but they all cleared away. The land needs rain badly, it is as hard as bricks. They were drilling barley at High Trees when we were there yesterday, and it was like scattering seed among stones.

Carl Stephenson came in today, and said that 6 AA guns had arrived at West House Farm from Hyde Park, and had camped on his sugar beet. Why they should do this when there is the whole of Sheepen Farm in a derelict state less than a mile away is difficult to say.

A jobbing gardener told Mother that 5,000 were killed in Norwich – an absolute lie, for which the man deserves to be imprisoned, or rather should not the Ministry of Information be imprisoned for making it possible for such lies to be spread?

Rose Browne heard from her mother who was at Bath that the city was devastated only the Roman baths remaining unhurt! Poulter has had a letter from Priestley, saying that damage is serious, and mentioned that the Assembly Rooms were burnt, as I already knew. I feel myself that most of the damage will be repairable.

Poulter’s friend Waller came down from Coventry today on a motorcycle. Took only 3 hours. He looked very worn and ill. Said that aircraft production was rapidly going down, while German production is increasing. I fancy he is experiencing labour troubles.

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