EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

3rd May 1942

Glorious day, warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky.  Working in the office until 12, and then to the stables.  This afternoon went to Dedham.  Just as I was leaving the town about 50 fighters and bombers flew over in three formations, which doubtless before I reached Dedham would have brought death and misery to innocent people far away in France, whose only fault is that they failed to win a war. 
I took all my “Colchester” photos to Dedham, where I intend to leave them for a while, out of reach I hope of both Hull and the Germans.  Major Inde called at the Sissons.  He had heard that 400 people had been killed at Norwich, but had no authority for it.  Sisson is going up there next week, so we may expect some accurate news soon.

Mrs Sisson confided in me her hope of being able to live in Dublin after the war, as she thinks it will be the only decent place left to live in.  I quite agree with her.

Both the Sissons were at Bristol last weekend, and had rather a distressing time, as there was a battery of 120 guns quite near.  An aircraft factory at Bristol was damaged.  They have no news of either Bath or York, other than that already published.

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