Information Request on the Wembley Air Raid 28-29 September 1940

I have received the following message from a member of the Howlett family, who is trying to trace a Mr Francis, who survived a devastating air raid on Wembley on the night of 28th/29th September 1940:

My Grandfather's family all lost their lives to a bomb on the night of the 29th September 1940. They lived at 64, Beverley Gardens, Wembley and the house took a direct hit with the bomb apparently coming down via the chimney. Amazingly the clock on the mantle survived and is still running to this day. However, on the 60th anniversary fell off my mother's mantle in the middle of the night.....she consequently had that damage and the wartime damage repaired.
I am hoping that Mr Francis who was a child at the time in the house next door may get in touch. I have seen his post on another site but sadly am unable to contact him.

If anyone can help to trace Mr Francis, please contact me and I will pass the details on. I received this message as a result of the Howlett family reading E J Rudsdale's experiences of this bombing raid on 28th September 1940 and 29th September 1940. Many thanks, CP

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