5th February 1942

They were carting snow down to East Bridge today, with Howard’s and Young’s horses, and tipping it in by the “White Horse”, where the old ford used to be. Great caked lumps of dirty snow splashed into the fast running grey water, the tide ebbing, and floated away like little ice bergs.

There is a serious hay shortage, as lorries cannot get to the farms. I need some badly.

Went to the Rallings' this evening, [the Ralling family lived opposite the Rudsdale family in New Town, Colchester] and they showed me several interesting photos of the town between 1870-1880, with a few earlier ones about 1860. Some of the Castle are very good, and I shall have a dozen copied and enlarged as soon as I can.

More snow during day.

E.J. Rudsdale and his parents rented one half of 'Gordon Villas' in Winnock Road, Colchester, which is situated between New Town Road and Wimpole Road. They had moved there in 1917. The Ralling family lived opposite the Rudsdales in Winnock Lodge. Winnock Lodge has since been demolished and replaced by flats. E.J. Rudsdale had always lived in the New Town District of Colchester. He was born in Harsnett Road and his mother's family had all lived in Wimpole Road. CP

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