EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

10th February 1942

A good day. Capt. Folkard “promoted” me to go into his office next week, when the new Chief Clerk comes. It was almost warm today, with a real thaw. Took the grey [pony] out for a run with my cycle at 5.30, the roads all slushy but no longer dangerous. When I got her back, groomed her, shook up the bed, and fed her, I felt I was really doing stable work for the first time for weeks. Went down to the Mill, and behold! found a quarter ton of hay, which Pulford had delivered (and carefully packed into the wrong place). I now have three-quarters of a ton, which ought to be enough for at least 6 or 7 weeks, carrying up to the beginning of April. Besides this I have 6 sacks of corn chaff, 6 more to come, 10 bundles of straw, half cwt of oats and half cwt of bran.

Light until 6.30 tonight. Had tea at the Regal. Lovely little blonde there again. Still not really dark at 7. Spent the evening doing photographs. Some rain tonight.

During the war the clocks were not put back in winter time and so were ahead of GMT by one hour. During the summer time they were advanced by a further hour and were then two hours ahead of GMT. This measure aimed to extend the hours of daylight in the afternoon and evening for essential war work. CP

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