EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

29th December 1941

Terribly cold. The office is only half heated. Felt very ill. When I went out at 8 o’clock the sun was just beginning to show in the east, casting a faint pink glow across the sky, while the west was a beautiful egg shell blue. High Street was deep in misty shadows, the tower of the Town Hall and the Water Tower glowing faintly in the light of the rising sun.

Very busy all day with sugar beet cropping forms, but did not feel like doing very much work. Had an hour off this afternoon to go up to Mrs Lyon-Campbell’s with Poulter. The old lady was most pleasant, and we brought away a Bronze Age sword and a very fine palstave, both found in the garage, among a mass of rubbish. Dr. Laver bought the sword from Wells, and I believe it is from the Thames at Barking.

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