26th December 1941 - Boxing Day

Fine, cold day. Had to go to the office all day. Only Joanna and Peter Folkard [Capt Folkard’s son] came in, to work on the Farm Survey, which is rather behind-hand. The whole town was very firmly shut, not a shop or a cafĂ© open anywhere. I rang up Rose, who was there, but she had no food. We all (Jo. Peter and I) went round to the Regal, but that was shut, too, so we were finally driven to going to the “Red Lion”, where I have not been for years. Had a very good lunch, after waiting a while, and I paid for the lot, 14/4 in all.

Fine night, cold and starlight.

Apparently our Great Premier spoke on the radio tonight, but I am glad to say I did not hear him. I understand he said that England may be in a position to take an offensive in 1943, that our position is far worse at present than ever before, and that unimaginable horrors lie before us.

I was most interested to see in the Essex County Standard this week a letter from a farmer at Bures, suggesting that Churchill should be “elected” Dictator of England by a national plebiscite. He recalls in his letter (as a shame on the town) an occasion when Churchill came to the Colchester Oyster Feast, and was not very well received by the crowds.

It is interesting to see that anybody could be so stupid as to seriously advance this purely Fascist idea as an aid to Democracy.

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