EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

19th December 1941

Great rush of work and hurrying around to get everything started before going to Writtle. Went up in Capt. Folkard’s car, with Jean Kemble from the Tendring office. She did not appear to have heard anything about the proposed amalgamation of the two District Offices. There was a thick fog all along the road, which made travelling very bad for me, as I could not have a window open at all.

Chelmsford appeared to be as crowded as it always is on a market day.
Finally got away at 5.30, and came home very slowly in a thick fog. For some reason I did not feel so sick as I usually do. It is clear from what was said today that the staffs of the District Offices are likely to be increased considerably. Capt. Folkard told me that efforts were being made to keep Joanna Round, and that he had spoken to the Executive Officer. I don't quite know in what capacity she will be employed now that the farm survey is almost completed.

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