EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

30th November 1941: Gt Bromley Pylons Radar System

Went to Dedham today, by way of Crockleford and saw two enormous craters in a field next to Carrington’s Farm, where two of the land mines fell on Thursday. The other two were further over towards Bromley. This was apparently an attack on the Bromley Pylons, but missed by a long way. A lot of people in the district are complaining because no attempt was made to bring down the attacking planes.

The pylons at Great Bromley formed part of the Chain Home Radar System, which gave the RAF advance warning when German bombers were approaching. One of the pylons and the ancillary buildings survive on the Great Bromley site and photos can be viewed on the Derelict Places website. CP

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