24th November 1941

Fine day. Warm. Did not feel well, with stomach pains on and off all day and a high temperature. Capt. Round came in today about the proposed aerodrome at Birch, which he is determined to oppose. He suggests Tiptree Heath as an alternative. How human these people really are. Of course, England must have hundreds of aerodromes, it’s essential, but by Gad, not at Birch! The amenities will be destroyed – the shooting will be interfered with – and, worst of all, Norfolk’s Grove, the best covert for miles, will be uprooted! To say nothing of ruining at least 500 acres of good farm land. Therefore, extinguish the common rights on Tiptree Heath, and bully the Air Ministry to establish a large aerodrome on the edge of a populous village. It is somehow curiously reassuring to find that our elders and betters are so like us.

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