25th November 1941

Warmer, dull morning, and became so dark that by 10 o’clock we had to have lights on. Rain began, and the scene from the office window was one of grey winter twilight, steely rods of rain beating down, a low grey sky, the tree boles on the Castle Ramparts showing black against it. A woman with a shopping basket hurried across the lawn, her head well down into her umbrella, her light coloured mackintosh gleaming against the asphalt path. It is strange that here, in the very heart of Colchester, I can see green fields and woods right up to the distant horizon. What a tragic mistake that the By Pass road was ever put along the bottom of the valley.

This is the view that Eric Rudsdale could see from the windows
of Hollytrees Museum in Colchester Castle Park.
Part of Hollytrees Museum had been taken over by the Essex War Agricultural Committee as office accommodation during the war and this was
where Eric worked from 1941.

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