EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

7th October 1941

Had a day off. Went over to Ipswich in Mr. Craig’s car, picking up Penelope B. at Stratford Church on the way. Had a very pleasant day. A good horse sale. The chestnut cob which I so admired when Blake had it was there, and made 40 gns in 5 minutes. It was bought by a man named Frost at Bromley. It is a fine looking animal, and I wished it was mine.

After the sale we went to the Museums, and ate lunch in the park shelter behind Christchurch Mansion. P. wanted to go into a café, order tea or coffee, and then eat our own food, but I could not face that. Rain began to drizzle, and the old park looked very dreary. Penelope, as usual, was most anxious to get home, so there was no chance of going to a cinema, which I rather hoped we should have done. Came home on a Colchester bus.

Busy tonight doing office work which I should have done during the day.

EJR always enjoyed going to the Horse Fair at Ipswich and this link to Sir Alfred Munning's painting, 'A Suffolk Horse Fair, Lavenham' gives us an idea of what these sales were like. Munnings was one of EJR's favourite equestrian artists, so he would have appreciated this painting! CP

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